20ft Accommodation unit 6 x 3 with kitchen


The 20ft Accommodation 6 x 3 unit is the newest unit that we have added to our stock. The units are easy to transport from A to B, as the units are designed with additional connections at the height of the standard 20ft chassis. The units also have 3 tilt windows with roll-down shutters including lift protection and are equipped with electricity and an electrical heating system.There is also room in this unit to prepare lunch in the mini kitchen. A perfect place to work or get together during a (long-term) project.

External dimensions (LxWxH)
6.085 x 2.990 x 2.820
Tare weight
3.300 kgs
Standard color
RAL 7040
Provided with

Two forklift pockets including standard container connections (fits on a standard 20ft container chassis).
Plastic turn / tilt windows with insulating glazing with integrated shutters including lift protection.
Wallduct 150 mm for mobile air conditioning unit.
Steel wicket door with burglar-proof facility and lockable by profile cylinder.
Kitchen with mini fridge and cabinet space

Electrical installation

Electric heating
3x LED lighting
Data cable connection in the front
Outside 400V connection incl. 400V loop-through incl. maintenance switch




Not CSC certified
Made of mild steel

The specified measurements are an indication and can in reality slightly vary.

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