About Hacon

We, at Hacon Containers, are specialized in the sale, rental and modification of containers. We offer a large, diverse and complete range of up to 80 types of containers and we can deliver over 1,000 units directly from stock. And we are proud of that!

Specialist since 1981

Our rich history began as early as 1927, when the transport company G. van der Weijden Transport BV was founded. Thanks to our focus on shipping containers, the company changed its name in 1981. That is how Hacon Containers came into being. And we are just getting started. We aim to be your long-term partner, because we are here to stay.

40 Years

In 2021 we celebrate our 40th anniversary. We can rightly call that a milestone and we are proud of this too!

Rotterdam roots

From our locations in Rotterdam Europoort and Waalhaven, adjacent to the major container terminals, we can provide you with every possible type of service. Because we know the market like no other, we offer just the right solution, even if your request is a bit unusual. From our offices in Rotterdam we have built up an extensive national network, which allows us to deliver quickly everywhere.

The benefits of Hacon

At Hacon Containers you can always connect with our team of professionals who have been focusing enthusiastically on the right container solutions for many years. Thanks to our decades of experience and purchasing possibilities, we offer high-quality containers at competitive rates.

Containers without limits, Hacon Containers makes it come true.

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