20ft Combination Workspace container


The 20ft Combination workshop container is a smart mix of an office and a workspace. One half of the container is an isolated space that can be used as an office or as a workspace. The other half is equipped with a robust rack, cupboard and workbench. It is therefore suitable as a workspace. Whether this is placed as an add-on next to your company or at a construction site, you can easily move or transport this 20ft Combination Workspace container. An additional advantage is that the container is suitable for sea freight, so this container can be used worldwide.

External dimensions (LxWxH)
6.058 x 2.438 x 2.591 mm
Door opening (WxH)
2.343 x 2.280 kg
Tare weight
2.300 kg
Max payload
28.180 kg
Max cargo weight
30.480 kg
Standard color
Provided with

Insulated office and building space
Tilt and turn windows
Wicket door
Workspace with workbench, rack and cupboard


Standard airvents
Two forklift pcokets
Container doors on both ends

Floor thickness
28 mm


The specified measurements are an indication and can in reality slightly vary.

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