Sanitary containers (luxury bathhouse)

The three ERA apartments on the P.J. Oudplein and Gerbrandpleyn in Zwijndrecht received a sustainable upgrade. Major maintenance was carried out on the buildings and in all homes. The project was commissioned by Smits Vastgoedzorg and ERA Contour. We converted several containers into a luxury bathhouse for them. This bathhouse was built to alleviate the inconvenience to residents. 

The 20ft High Cube containers have been converted into luxury sanitairy containers, each fully equipped with three showers, toilet areas and a boiler room. What else did this project entail:

  • Both the roof of the container and the wooden partitions are insulated with 45 mm Rockwool
  • All walls are finished off with high-quality and watertight wall panels with tile patterns. These have been especially developed for bathrooms.
  • The toilet area is equipped with a built-in reservoir, hanging toilet and sink
  • A special shower plate has been added to the shower area and stainless steel handrails and a glass shower enclosure have also been fitted in.
  • All mirrors are fitted with mirror heating, to prevent the mirrors from fogging whilst showering.
  • Each room is equipped with an anti-burglary wicket door and comes with a porthole and toilet closure.
  • The floor has electric floor heating and a scrub pit. It is also finished off with a cast floor.
  • The thermostat is placed externally in a steel cabinet that locks.
  • Every room has built-in ceiling lighting for a chic look.
  • The lighting and fans are connected to a motion detector.
  • The boiler room is furnished with a 200L hanging boiler, a washing machine and a dryer.
  • The sanitary containers are coated with a high-quality polyurethane coating.
Smits Vastgoedzorg
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