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A while back we received a call from Mr. Bergisch. He was browsing through our stock on our website, and he was looking for some more information regarding the 20ft observation container. Mr Bergisch is in fact the production manager of a blast furnace at Tata Steel IJmuiden, where they were looking to upgrade their current control room. 

Together with Mr. Bergisch we created a plan and as a result we have build three unique control room containers.  

The following modifcations have been applied to a 20ft steel floor container:

  • Insulated with rockwool
  • Emergency door fitted with a window
  • Custom made heat safety glass (28mm)
  • Fresh air intake via the air condition
  • Air conditioning with protective coating against corrosion 
  • 180 degree outside view 

Francesco Bergisch, Production Manager at Blast Furnace 7:
“Over the past year, everyone has worked hard to build three new control rooms based on standard 20ft containers. These new facilities will reduce our exposure to, among other things, splatters, dust, collision and noise from the oven. These new control rooms are a major step forward  in health and safety for the melters.”

Tata Steel
Control room
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