Canteen container DEME Infra

On behalf of DEME Infra, we converted a 20ft storage container into a practical canteen container.
The locker room and canteen are split by  a partition wall.

Locker cabinets have been placed in the locker room and a heating system has been installed. In addition, a heating system has also been installed in the canteen area and a L-shaped kitchen has been fitted.

We have applied the following modifications to the standard 20ft container:

  • Rock wool insulated roof and walls;
  • Entrance door
  • PU floor coat
  • 3 x plastic windows (tilt and turn windows with manually operated shutters)
  • 1x plastic windowincl. bars (turn and tilt window);
  • L-shaped kitchen unit with sink, mixer tap, base cabinet, wall cabinet, boiler and refrigerator
  • Piping with drain finished in a niche
  • Flow box within ISO dimensions

- 1x 400V 32A 5P outdoor connection incl. loop through;
- 1x Group box;
- 1x Main switch 400V;
- 4x B16 automatic;
- 5x 220V double WCD;
- 3x LED TL;
- 1x combination switch;
- Electrical inspection according to NEN3140.


DEME Infra
canteen container
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