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We have manufactured a Battery Container setup for ENGIE Electroproject and included stairs and a landing. Electroproject develops and builds a circular energy system for a new location in Amsterdam. They are building 3,100 solar panels to install on the roof and 7 charging stations for electric trucks. The energy is stored in the battery containers produced by HACON. Thus, the electric vehicles that supply the city from the battery storage containers on a daily basis, are charged by their own generated electricity.

The setup consisted of:

  • 1 x 10ft High Cube container
  • 2 x 20ft High Cube container
  • Steel platforms, galvanized stairs and railing

A couple of other interesting aspects of the project are that the 20ft High Cube containers served as battery storage containers (the hub). The containers are provided on both long sides with storage racks on which the batteries can be connected to each other. The walls of the containers are provided with recesses in which customer places mechanical ventilation grilles.

Moreover, the 10ft High Cube container formed the transformer house. To be able to cool the transformer, a split-level air conditioner of 14 kW was installed. Also, the construction of the lower containers was reinforced with extra steel tubes to support the weight of the upper container.

Lastly, all containers were internally insulated with 40 mm panels with a polystyrene core (EPS). All containers are ultimately provided with a high-quality top coating in the color RAL7016.

Is this a project that we're very proud of? Yes indeed! It was complex but lead to a satisfying result.

ENGIE Electroproject
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