Accommodation containers for Boskalis

Commissioned by Boskalis, we have supplied several accommodation containers and completed them according to the company's house style. These containers were placed on a work ship and now serve as an office, barge, dressing and smoking room for the riggers. An additional advantage of these accommodation containers is that the 20ft containers are CSC approved, meaning they can easily be shipped onto other ships.

Apart from the smoking area, each accommodation container is equipped with insulation (50 mm rock wool), air conditioning (2.5 kW split level), a wicket door and several tilt-and-turn windows. In addition, each container is provided with an eyewash station, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and smoke detector. Moreover, the smoking container is equipped with a heat detector.

Each container is supplied with the necessary inventory, such as desks, canteen tables, whiteboards, lockers or a mini fridge. Lastly, all containers were provided with a high-quality PU coating in the house colors of Boskalis and completed by adding the company's logo. We are very happy with the results of this project!

Accommodation container in company branding
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