4ft Storage container

This 4ft container is completely adapted storage container to suit the needs of the customer. These modifications were made:

  • Built two large compartment rack (sizes: L1.850 x B600 x H2.000 mm).
  • 4 lashing eyes were welded on the bottom of the racks and against the panel.
  • We provided both doors with a suspension bracket on the inside. This bracket was 20 mm, round and welded to the door beams at a height of approximately 1.100 mm, including two at knee joint.
  • We attached an 18 mm concrete plywood plate for first aid kit on the left door.
  • We provided two D-rings to store a 50L gas bottle.
  • We set up electricity provisions in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
  • We painted the exterior of the container with a high-quality PU coating.
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