20ft Workshop container with storage racks

We have converted a 20ft High Cube container into a workshop container with storage racks. This project was commissioned by Fleet Cleaner BV. Read more about what it entailed.

It was our client's request to make the container as water-resistant as possible, as the container is placed on a working vessel. Once the budget for this task was set, the wooden container floor was equipped with an aluminum tear-plate floor. This completely sealed all around the container and provided a galvanized drip grid. Both the in-and outsides of the container were then sprayed in a 2-component coating.The entire right-hand container wall was then equipped with an 18 mm multiplex rear wall and electricity (IP66) as well as the LED lighting was mounted on the shelf above the workbench. Lastly, we added air conditioning, heating, storage racks and welded cable hooks.

Fleet Cleaner BV
Workshop container
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