20ft open side tool container

A standard 20ft open side container has been modified for Mammoet into a first-class tool container. This workshop container is not only accessible thourgh the rear and front, but also through the long open side of the container.

Electrical installation

  • Outside connection 5-pole 380 V
  • Exterior WCD 3P / 230V
  • Fuse box incl. main 380V + 3 x earth leakage circuit breaker 220V
  • Combi switch
  • 1 x Finned Tube Heater
  • 2 x LED TL lighting fixtures


  • Manufactured from strips for tool carts
  • Several frames have been welded on rear side
  • A wooden back cover 28mm is fitted above the bench
  • 3 x worktops
  • 3 x Tool Cabinet
  • 2 x filing cabinets
  • 1 x chemistry cabinet


  • Installing a jewelry safe
  • Equipped with a locking bar
  • Hinged aluminum ramp
Tool container
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