20ft offshore control container

The 20ft offshore container will be used for storing offshore equipment at drilling platforms or wind farms.

In addition to the regular welding work, this container is also provided with a workbench and includes drawers, a wicket door with combination lock as well as a compartment cupboard. Moreover, electricity was added. The container is provided with a high-quality and double-component coating according to the house style of the customer. The inside of the container was also painted. Lastly, the container is checked and inspected according to the standards of CSC and DNV 2.7-1. This means that the container can now be shipped and hoisted.


  • External dimensions L6.058 x B2.438 x H2.591 mm
  • Door opening B2.253 x H2.338 mm
  • Tare weight 2.970 kg
  • Max payload 13.530 kg
  • Max cargo weight 16.500 kg
  • Volume 32.5 m³


  • ISO
  • CSC
  • DNV 2.7-1
  • EN12079
SPT Offshore B.V.
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