20ft Boskalis Workshop container

We have converted a 20ft container into a mobile workshop container. This project was commissioned by Boskalis. This container will be used onboard its ships as a small workspace and drying cabinet for work clothing. How was this project set up?

First of all, the container was split into two separate sections by welded steel plates. The workplace space was equipped with two anti-burglary wicket doors, each with a shielded porthole and a storm chain. One of the wicket doors was also equipped with panic fittings. The cupboard space was equipped with a drying cupboard. This included a stove and steel clothes hooks for drying the clothes in a heated and ventilated room.

Secondly, the workshop space was equipped with 2kW air conditioning. The outdoor unit was placed in the cupboard space, neatly protected by the ventilated container door.

A few ventilation grills were placed over the entire container and MCT windows were inserted. The customer will use these MCT windows for maintaining its cables and pipes completely airtight and watertight. Lightning rods were also added.

Lastly, container floor in the workshop section was equipped with a high-quality polyurethane cast floor and completed with hollow skirting boards in the corners. From an aesthetic point of view, this really adds to the appearance of the container.

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