20 ft Pharmaceutical cold storage container

We converted a 20ft Double Door container into a cool storage place for medication for Artsen zonder Grenzen. What did this entail?

  • Insulation through flat 50 mm panels with a polystyrene core (EPS). We insulated the bottom with sprayed polyurethane rigid foam and this included a 1-component coating for water resistance.
  • Installation of transparent freezer curtains on both sides of the container.
  • Milling multiple lashing eyes into the wooden floor.
  • Electricity provisions and including emergency lighting.
  • Adding powder fire extinguisher.
  • Covering the container in a high-quality PU coating.
  • Adding two air conditioning units that are especially designed to be mounted in ISO containers. These units have a special trap door system, allowing you to slide the units in and out for transport.
Artsen zonder Grenzen
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