Drip tray of a 10ft A60 HACON container

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Buying or renting a container and then using it as storage for hazardous substances via HACON is easy. These containers are suitable to store or transport toxic gases, pesticides, medicines and flammable substances. A storage container protects these substances from external influences - such as heat, cold and moisture. Naturally, the container also protects the environment from the hazardous material. Our storage containers meet various strict requirements and have different properties. For example, we have fire-resistant containers, containers that are specially designed to cool liquids or to keep out light and containers that ensure moisture-free storage. Some containers combine all these properties. Tell us what hazardous material you plan on storing or transporting, and we will find the right container for you.

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material storage containers:

Adapted containers for storing hazardous substances

We stock hundreds of containers, so we can surely find a suitable one for your hazardous substances. We have various storage containers that meet strict standards and regulations, including various certifications. For example, we have storage containers with double doors, extra insulation or ventilation, a drip tray and a slatted floor. We can also adjust standard storage containers to meet your requirements. All the containers are of the highest quality and safety standards. Whether you need sea containers, transport containers or storage containers, we can advise you on the right containers for storing hazardous substances.

 Inside drip tray container
 Grid on floor 4ft drip tray container

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