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Hazardous goods containers are suitable for storing and transporting hazardous substances and liquids. Hacon specializes in the sale and rental of a wide range of containers since 1981. We offer various types of hazardous goods containers that can be used for all kinds of purposes. For instance, we prodvide drip tray containers, fire-resistant containers, tank containers, and refrigerated or freezer containers.

Drip tray containers and fire-resistant containers

Are you looking for a hazardous goods container to store potential harmful products? Then choose one of our drip tray containers. These include a drip tray, grid floor, and ventilation grids. Or check out our newest hazardous goods container, namely the fire-resistant 10ft container. This unit is very suitable for storing hazardous substances in a safe manner.

Order your customized hazardous goods container

Hacon can customize hazardous goods containers, that still comply with strict safety regulations, to suit your wishes. Our welders can adjust all aspects of the container to suit your product and purposes. For instance, we can add extra items and change some materials, colors, as well as personalize the container. If you'd like some advice first, then just contact us. Our specialists can assist you in picking out a container or unit, and explain more about the possible adjustments.

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Drip tray containers and fire-resistant containers

Tank, refrigerated and freezer containers 

Are you looking for an environmental container for transporting or storing liquids or gases? Then check out our tank containers. These are suitable for safe storing and intermodal transport. Or do you want an environmental container for transporting or storing perishable products, or products that must be stored below a certain temperature? Then check out our refrigerated and freezer containers.

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