We launch our revolutionary container solution with solar panels

It's party time at Hacon Containers, because we have some fun and special news to share! With great enthusiasm and pride, we can finally share our latest innovation in sustainable energy production with the world. Meet Hacon Solar: the smartest and most versatile container ever made. With more than four decades of experience in the container industry, we developed Hacon Solar in response to a growing demand for clean, efficient and sustainable energy solutions. This revolutionary container integrates solar panels into its design and opens the door to a whole new approach to energy supply.

Solar energy in a plug-and-play design

By integrating solar panels into the container's construction, the Hacon Solar Container can capture solar energy anytime, anywhere. This is a pioneering development for industries such as petrochemicals, construction, infrastructure and events. No matter where you are working, the Hacon Solar Container provides your project with clean and reliable energy. Moreover, Hacon's container specialists have taken into account a plug-and-play design and the container is still stackable due to the integrated system. Installation is effortless and the possibilities are limitless. Place the container in any location in the sun and you are good to go.

solar container with integrated solar panels

A unique collaboration with Wattsun

For the realisation of the Hacon Solar Container, we joined forces with Wattsun, a company that creates innovative products for companies with power demands in places where the power grid does not go, including the Wattsun Dock. We installed this smart battery system from Wattsun in the Hacon Solar Container. This allows professionals to carry out their work emission-free, efficiently and safely, without having to plug in. Moreover, the system is not only location independent, so you can place and use the container anywhere, but it is also stackable in capacity. This allows you to easily adjust the battery capacity to the specific energy needs of your project, without extensive technical knowledge.

hacon and wattsun collaboration

More than a container with solar panels

Our Solar Container is not just another container with solar panels. It represents a movement, a change in the way we harness energy and realise projects. If you choose Hacon Solar, you choose sustainability, efficiency and innovation. At Hacon Containers, we are proud of our role as pioneers in sustainable solutions, and with Hacon Solar, we are taking an important step towards a greener future. We invite you to discover Hacon Solar and become part of this pioneering container movement.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a smart and sustainable future of energy production? Our container specialists Fabian Kluijver and Kim van der Veken are ready to provide you with more information! Contact us and discover the endless possibilities of Hacon Solar.

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