Hanging with Hacon: meet our youth container #2

Steel shipping containers can take a beating. They are naturally lumber-proof. And where does that come in handy ideally? At a youth hangout, of course! So our production brains have modified the ideal youth hangout with a sea container. After all, anything goes in a container! We would like to introduce you to JOP, our 20ft youth container. 

A safe meeting place for young people

Young people need to be able to enjoy their own space. Preferably their own space. That is exactly what Hacon's youth container offers. Our youth container is specially designed as a youth meeting place (JOP)

Our JOP has a lot to offer. The container is about 6 metres x 2.5 metres, so it gives young people the space they need. The JOP Container contains benches to chill out on, as well as steel tables and waste bins. This way, young people have their own safe and dry hangout spot and bus shelters and shopping centres are no longer overrun by loitering youth.

But the youth container is also well put together on a technical level. Made of a robust 20ft container, this meeting place is not only lumber-proof, but also adaptable to the client's wishes. This applies to both the colour and the interior. Furthermore, JOP is equipped with a wooden floor, ventilation grilles and double door locks as standard. Optionally, the container can be equipped with electricity. And just like the youngsters, the JOP container is nice and mobile. Thanks to the plug-in holes, the container can easily be moved with a regular forklift truck. 


From nuisance to overseas (container)

The origin of the JOP container is one of necessity and innovation. Municipalities throughout the Netherlands are struggling with nuisance caused by loitering youths. These young people need a place to get together, play music, and just be by themselves for a while. Instead of ignoring the problem, Hacon Containers came up with the solution: the JOP container. Placing these special containers in outlying areas gives young people their own place, far away from nuisance areas. This allows them to do their thing in complete freedom, without disturbing the peace and quiet of the municipality.


Popular with municipalities, approved by youth

The JOP concept has been a resounding success. Dozens of youth containers have now been produced for various clients throughout the Netherlands. And best of all? Young people love them too! Demand for these special containers continues to grow, especially from municipalities, youth centres and sports clubs. And we are proud to be able to give young people their own place and meet the clients' wishes.


The JOP container in your municipality?

Have you become curious about the JOP container? Would you like to know more about how this container can be the solution to youth nuisance in your municipality, or is your sports club simply looking for a covered hangout for younger members?

Hacon Containers is ready to answer all your questions and work with you to realise the perfect youth container. So what are you waiting for? Hang out with us and discover the possibilities. Get in touch with our specialists.

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