The 20ft Combi Workshop Container: more than a toolbox

If you thought containers were only for storing tools, among other things, you've probably never heard of our 20ft Combi Workshop Container. This container is much more than just a storage container. It is a convenient combination of a workshop and storage container. We hear you thinking, "How then...?" With the 20ft Combi Workshop Container, our specialists prove once again that anything is possible in a container. We are happy to tell you more about it in this blog.


What makes the 20ft Combi Workshop Container special?

The 20ft Combi Workshop Container is like a Swiss army knife for industry. It is a versatile, portable workshop that also has room to store all your tools. Just imagine: one half of the container offers an insulated space that can serve as an office or a kick-off area, while the other half is equipped with a robust workbench, shelving and cabinets, so you can get straight to work. Do we need to say more?

Whether next to your business premises or on a remote construction site, the 20ft Combi Workshop Container is your trusty octagoner. What makes the container even more special is that it is suitable for sea freight. So you can combine a workspace with storage, anywhere in the world!

workshop container for builders


From office to workshop in one container

The question you might ask now is what all you can do with a 20ft Combi Workshop container. However, a better question is, "What can't you do with it?" Think of it and we assure you it can be done with this combi container. Some possibilities include:


1. Mobile workshop with storage space

Whether you are a contractor, carpenter or hobbyist, this container gives you the perfect mobile workspace. All your materials are easily stored in one half of the container, while you can carry out your work in the other half. You place the container wherever you want. Ideal, right!


2. Temporary office space

Do you need temporary office space on a construction site or event? Then the 20ft Combi Container is perfect for you! The container can easily be converted into a comfortable workplace where you can also store work materials. 


3. DIY space at home

Do you have some renovations planned to your home? Then we can imagine it would be nice to have your own workspace. That way, you are not constantly sanding and grinding in your own home. Are you finished at the end of the day? Then simply store your work materials in the other half of the container. This keeps your house tidy and all your materials safely under lock and key.


workbench in a container


An efficient workplace in your project?

The 20ft Combi Workshop Container is not just another container; it is a reliable partner for all your office and workshop needs. Wherever you are. Whether you want to set up your own office on a remote construction site or create an efficient workplace near your business premises, this container is ready for you. At Hacon Containers, we offer the 20ft Combi Workshop Container for both sale and rental!

We can hardly imagine it, but should you have any questions about this unique and versatile container, our container specialists are here for you. So what are you waiting for? Work with Hacon and discover the endless container possibilities. Get in touch with our specialists!

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