The 20ft Storage container is a standard container

The 20ft Storage container is a standard type of container. This storage container is suitable for storing goods and materials. It can be used for storing building materials in a workplace or for temporary transport purposes. The container keeps all the stored items dry and safe. Furthermore, this container is easy to move. If you no longer need this container, we can pick up the container for you. The standard 20ft Storage container can easily be rented or purchased via Hacon. Check out these 20ft Storage container options.

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You can buy or rent our 20ft Storage containers. We can customize the outside of the container for you. You can also order different add-ons, such as sanitary items or furniture.

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5 advantages of a 20ft Storage container

Ensure yourself of the following 5 benefits when renting or buying a 20ft Storage container via Hacon:

  1. We usually have a lot of 20ft storage containers in stock. We will arrange transport and possible relocation.

  2. The 20ft Storage containers can be used for anything. As temporary workplace or as a permanent warehouse. So handy!

  3. You can also use the 20ft Storage container for transporting goods or materials. These containers are safe and have the required certification.

  4. Choose from different models, such as an insulated container or one with storage racks. You can also order one with multiple doors and other extra features.

  5. Need more storage? You can easily expand. We can place 20ft Storage containers on top of each other or against each other.
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